Friday, June 13, 2014


I feel, I am happy,
Part of me thinks,
It has finally subdued the angel of sorrow,
Part of me is,
On the innocence of these moments,
Shying away from each other,
Both of me are,
Conspiring against each other,
Keeping me happy at both ends,
I feel like a winner...

Saturday, June 7, 2014


I heard that voice after such a long time,
A rush of emotions sinked into me,
Red, blue, black and gray,
Over powered me,
Feels like I am floating across an ocean,
Moving towards a fog of doubt,
Unthinkable and confused,
I want to hold,
The hand of my destiny,
Before I take a step into the unknown,
Waiting for the voice,
I converse with myself,
Pretending to be me,
As you,
Echoes of the heart are humming they name,
Giving a new voice in the chaos of thoughts,
A question arises,
Should I trust my mind or listen to the heart,
They have both been not true to me in the past,
Who should I trust now?
They both have their desires,
They both are selfish, 
What they want is to dominate,
Control and complete obedience,
Of my faith, trust and ambitions...
Am I thinking right?
Or my feelings are deceiving me?