Friday, September 26, 2014

The Unthinkable

The horizon of my thoughts,
Are colored in rainbow,
Depicting multiple moods,
I can be played by,
The limitations of my imaginations,
Shows the true nature of my instincts,
In between, secluded in the corner of the center,
I am playing with,
The unthinkable.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sinking Heart

Unaware of tomorrow,
Uncertain about today,
Indifferent to yesterday,
I have a desire to disappear into the unknown,
Nothing inspires me,
While silence surrounds me,
With slow dominating sounds of sanity in my mind,
I listen to the gradual diminishing whispers of conversations,
With myself,
As I try to keep afloat,
My sinking heart offers me a refuge,
Unable to distinguish between realities,
I walk among the rest,
With my head down and a smile on my face.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Talking to my heart,
I was lost with words,
Happiness filled the air,
Sorrows disappeared,
I am pleasantly optimistic about tomorrow,
Like a child waiting to open his presents,
I await anxiously.....

Monday, September 22, 2014

Recursive Selfishness

Ambitions of my dreams,
I saw them,
Being sold in the house of mirrors,
By someone unknown,
Why are they buying them?
I asked,
They are precious,
I was told,
Someone made them carefully,
Nobody knows who,
And why,
Why are they selling it?
I asked,
Whoever made them,
Abandoned them,
I was told,
I picked a few,
They looked just like mine,
So precious,
So simple,
I kept them,
In the safe hands of time,
Only to be stollen by my alter ego,
I looked around,
And saw everyone with the same face,
Same smiles,
Same grieves,
Same denials,
The recursive selfishness of them all,
Aroused my desire,
To be exclusive,
In the hall of mirrors, 
I only had my own reflection to cheat,

Friday, September 19, 2014


Diving into my ego,
I found the skeleton of my dreams, 
Wrapped up in lust,
Hidden behind petty desires,
I find solace in desolation,
What is left behind,
Are just ashes of time,
Scattered across my smile,
What is ahead, 
Holds the future from my sins,
My heart screams for help,
In the silence of my thoughts,
I praise the one I love,
And ask,
Let me go!, let me go!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Time Travel!

Confused and disgusted,
Noises in the front,
I sit deaf, dumb and blind,
Surrounded by,
People wearing masks of deceit,
Laughters by day, quietness by night,
A show everyday,
A play each night,
Getting suffocated by the absence of emotions inside me,
The emptiness of the reality around me,
I ask, and my voice echoes from all sides,
Reminding me about,
Limitations of my thoughts, space and time,
Making me realise,
I am confined by my conscious,
Awakened by the coward inside me,
As time passes by in front of my eyes,
I become a witness to my theft,
Flying away in time, 
Leaving my place in a thought for the future.


Sitting in front of my ego,
I am confronted with reality,
How simple it is, to see and smile?
The logic confronting the desire,
Crafting myself gradually,
Recreating in the image of my desire,
I hide behind the cloak of logic, 
Just to conceal my real motives,
Disguising myself with naked lies,
I stand tall with pride,
My ego yells at me,
I know it all, I know it all!
I smile,
Letting the desire to conspire,
It whispers quietly in my thoughts,
I want it all, I will have it all!