Sunday, August 31, 2014

Blind Faith

Last night was full of pain,
People insearch of hope,
Unaware of how and what they want,
With their gods on their back,
Confronted with the hopeless,
Nothing was achieved,
A few lost hope, a few lost sight,
Some still had their gods on their side,
While all wait for Abraham to rise,
Until then the gods continue to be praised and worshiped,
With a blind faith,
For a reason unknown to them.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Shedding A Dry Tear

Look at my face,
My masquerade smile,
Listen to the echoes of my heart,
The sound of emptiness,
Shackle with my soul,
Look around and see,
The shallowness of my thoughts,
With some broken smiles,
A few unfulfilled desires and a few happy moments,
A graveyard of memories,
A garden of hopeless ambitions,
Stay here for a while,
You will see your shadow,
Emerging from an unfinished dream,
Come closer,
You might see,
The selfishness of my compassion,
Camouflaged in piety,
I am sitting alone,
Looking at you,
Shedding a dry tear.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


When the shadows start to haunt, 
And whispers become unbearable,
I hear the Impostor inside me,
Commanding me to listen, talk, cheat and lie to myself,
Deceiving from truth and reality,
Guilt, shame and mistrust become my virtue,
I convince myself, 
I am not helpless!
The future is there,
As a hope for tomorrow,
As I run away from darkness towards light,
I struggle to wake up from my reality,
Defying every god I have believed in,
Every moment I have cherished,
Shouting at myself in the loneliness around me,
Silence becomes, a luxury beyond me,
With a glow in my eyes and a smile on my face,
I wait for this moment to pass by,
Unnoticed and undetected.