Thursday, August 14, 2014


When the shadows start to haunt, 
And whispers become unbearable,
I hear the Impostor inside me,
Commanding me to listen, talk, cheat and lie to myself,
Deceiving from truth and reality,
Guilt, shame and mistrust become my virtue,
I convince myself, 
I am not helpless!
The future is there,
As a hope for tomorrow,
As I run away from darkness towards light,
I struggle to wake up from my reality,
Defying every god I have believed in,
Every moment I have cherished,
Shouting at myself in the loneliness around me,
Silence becomes, a luxury beyond me,
With a glow in my eyes and a smile on my face,
I wait for this moment to pass by,
Unnoticed and undetected.

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