Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Lying God!

Lies for reasons are still lies,
I thought I have become immune to the hurt of lies,
I was never so wrong,
It still shakes my confidence,
It still hurts like a knife in my heart,
Sitting besides the shattered God, 
The God, I created with my own hands,
With so much love and care,
I realized,
I was never so wrong,
I made my own God, 
For my own selfish reasons,
What is the use of telling that God now,
Who lied to me, again and again
For His pleasure and convenience,
Let the truth, rip us apart,
And let it bleed my soul, 
to a point,
Where I can confess to myself,
"I can't love You anymore",
Lies for a reason are still lies!

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