Sunday, May 15, 2016

چپکے چپکے

تیری آنکھوں کی جستجو کے سراب میں
میں دور بھاگ رہا ہوں پھراپنے نصیب سے 
پھر اپنی ہستی کی تھکیر کر رہا ہوں میں
پھر اپنے وجود کی تکسیر کر رہا ہوں میں
تجھے پانے کی خواہش میں اک دن ضرور میں 
کھو بیٹہوں گا اپنا وجوداک تاریک شام کی طرح 
اس دل ملال کو تیری چاہ اب بھی ہے
اسے تیری طرح امیڊ وصال اب بھی ہے

میں کیسے بھول جائوں ان اداس آنکھوں کو
جن میں میرا انتظارشب و روز اب بھی  ہے
پھرطلب خراب کی جستجو میں
اک نئ دنیااجاڑےجارہا ہوں میں
ان ہاتھوں کی نرمی اور میرا انہیں بار بارجھٹک دینا
کس کس بات پہ ملال کیا جائے،اب کتنا اداس رہا جائے

Melting in time

O! Shadow, O! Shadow,
Leave me alone,
I wish to be left alone,
I know, the choices I have,
Are; either to embrace,
The sun,
Look at it,
With my eyes wide open,
Confine myself,
In the depths of darkness,
With eyes wide shut,
O! Shadow, O! Shadow,
Come to me,
I need you back in my life,
I am on my way to be lost again,
My conscience calls your name,
Come and embrace me again,
Kiss me, hug me and hold me tight,
I am melting in time,
With all my might and ego,
I am losing myself to nothingness,
Becoming a memory, 
Like an old photograph hidden in the album,
Like a forgotten love song,
Like a poem to be unwritten,
Like a name to be removed,
Faded into memories, slowly and gradually,
O! Shadow, O! Shadow,
Don't leave me alone,
I am scared of being alone!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Let's be strangers again!

I wish, we could start over again,
Let's be strangers again
From us, we can be you and I, again
Let me introduce myself to you, 
Once, I was, yours
Someone not known to you now,
I am the stranger you will know, love and hate again
Do you see yourself changing in my eyes,
Becoming a estranger once again,
Are you the same, who would care and be indifferent again?
Or will you become a stranger again?
Are you my destiny or am I your illusion,
You still remain in my thoughts,
While I am in the heart of your dreams,
We both walk across the life,
Side by side,
We both live the same dream,
In separate times and in separate minds,
Unable to recognize each other,
In the desperation of solace from each other ,
I wish, we could start over again,
Let's forget, 
What we know,
Let's be strangers again...