Sunday, May 15, 2016

Melting in time

O! Shadow, O! Shadow,
Leave me alone,
I wish to be left alone,
I know, the choices I have,
Are; either to embrace,
The sun,
Look at it,
With my eyes wide open,
Confine myself,
In the depths of darkness,
With eyes wide shut,
O! Shadow, O! Shadow,
Come to me,
I need you back in my life,
I am on my way to be lost again,
My conscience calls your name,
Come and embrace me again,
Kiss me, hug me and hold me tight,
I am melting in time,
With all my might and ego,
I am losing myself to nothingness,
Becoming a memory, 
Like an old photograph hidden in the album,
Like a forgotten love song,
Like a poem to be unwritten,
Like a name to be removed,
Faded into memories, slowly and gradually,
O! Shadow, O! Shadow,
Don't leave me alone,
I am scared of being alone!

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