Friday, October 31, 2014

Lost and Not Found

I am looking a way to ditch my shadow,
So both of us can announce,
Departure from our existence,
We can both say,
We have,
Lost and not found each other.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Mute Song of Happiness

In the suburbs of the heart,
Away from the graveyard of the past,
I walk through the memory lane,
Reaching to a place,
Where I can rest and gaze in the future,
Unfolding it in front of my eyes,
Moment to moment,
I become an audience to myself,
A spectator to my life,
Like an unfinished dream,
Crude and jarring,
Deep and calm,
Enigmatic and misunderstood,
Like a mute song of happiness.

A Pray to the Devil

O' Satan, O' Satan,
I seek your refuge,
As He abandoned me,
Left me alone,
Refused by all,
I am the lone survivor of time,
Deceived by the One,
I seek revenge for my humiliations,
My soul crave to avenge those,
Who caste me away,
Just because,
They all knew,
I was with Him,
Then why?
Get me out of this,
Depth of morality,
Help me conquer the heights of my ambitions,
For once,
I want to show them all,
I was innocent,
I was right,
Look, what I am now!
A symbol of desire,
An object of worship,
I have achieved what He designed me for,
I am the one, 
Prostrated by Baal everyday.

Saturday, October 4, 2014