Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Pray to the Devil

O' Satan, O' Satan,
I seek your refuge,
As He abandoned me,
Left me alone,
Refused by all,
I am the lone survivor of time,
Deceived by the One,
I seek revenge for my humiliations,
My soul crave to avenge those,
Who caste me away,
Just because,
They all knew,
I was with Him,
Then why?
Get me out of this,
Depth of morality,
Help me conquer the heights of my ambitions,
For once,
I want to show them all,
I was innocent,
I was right,
Look, what I am now!
A symbol of desire,
An object of worship,
I have achieved what He designed me for,
I am the one, 
Prostrated by Baal everyday.

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