Monday, September 22, 2014

Recursive Selfishness

Ambitions of my dreams,
I saw them,
Being sold in the house of mirrors,
By someone unknown,
Why are they buying them?
I asked,
They are precious,
I was told,
Someone made them carefully,
Nobody knows who,
And why,
Why are they selling it?
I asked,
Whoever made them,
Abandoned them,
I was told,
I picked a few,
They looked just like mine,
So precious,
So simple,
I kept them,
In the safe hands of time,
Only to be stollen by my alter ego,
I looked around,
And saw everyone with the same face,
Same smiles,
Same grieves,
Same denials,
The recursive selfishness of them all,
Aroused my desire,
To be exclusive,
In the hall of mirrors, 
I only had my own reflection to cheat,

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