Saturday, June 7, 2014


I heard that voice after such a long time,
A rush of emotions sinked into me,
Red, blue, black and gray,
Over powered me,
Feels like I am floating across an ocean,
Moving towards a fog of doubt,
Unthinkable and confused,
I want to hold,
The hand of my destiny,
Before I take a step into the unknown,
Waiting for the voice,
I converse with myself,
Pretending to be me,
As you,
Echoes of the heart are humming they name,
Giving a new voice in the chaos of thoughts,
A question arises,
Should I trust my mind or listen to the heart,
They have both been not true to me in the past,
Who should I trust now?
They both have their desires,
They both are selfish, 
What they want is to dominate,
Control and complete obedience,
Of my faith, trust and ambitions...
Am I thinking right?
Or my feelings are deceiving me?

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