Thursday, March 31, 2016


A brief thought in time appeared,
Whispering a few names,
I wonder how and why they emerge,
As I am not part of anyone's dream,
Nor in the fantasies either,
Desire is not my destiny,
My reality is my truth,
And I feel assured,
As I am not even the desire of my present
Hopelessness surrounds me,
Like a blind child's dream,
With no wings to fly,
I want to jump of the cliff,
Just to fall and fail,
So somebody can hold me
And they will all scream again,
"You are unlovable"
"You will not be loved"
Cursed by all of them 
I forget,
they cursed me, one at a time,
To remain in solitude,
Without love and with no craving for it either,
I run towards myself,
Holding myself from disintegrating,
Into similar pieces of me,
In the shades of,
The past, present and the future

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