Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I saw....

Walking on the aisles of my thoughts,
I saw an oasis of sadness,
Collected over a short passage of time,
Delusions lying in emotions,
I saw ambition crumbling into tears,
What I knew in the past,
Was no more there,
I saw a struggling soul,
Trying to keep sanity and confusion together,
Making sense of all the desires,
While putting the shine on fate,
I saw a fading picture of body and mind,
Losing control,
Making it, the worst of time 
And the best of time,
Ghosts of the past and gods of the tomorrow,
Singing mute songs of sorrow,
Struggling to keep it together,
I saw words losing their meanings,
Conversing with thyself,
Confusion creeps into reasoning,
The struggle to make it right again,
The desire to own the world again,
The cry to be relevant again,
I saw life becoming lost again,
With reasons to smile,
In the suffocation of thoughts,
Limitations of time were reflected in each slipping moment,
I saw a crumbling spirit vanishing into time.

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