Thursday, June 30, 2016


Can I be trusted?
I am confronted with myself,
Deep down at the center of 
The emotional emptiness 
I can't feel
Or love
I can't see
Or appreciate
What is, done to me or for me
I am committed to none but myself
Only to be rescued
Before I silence
The remaining parts of me
Who love and care about nothing
Laughing in a corner 
I see myself crying in the other
Laughing at both of them on the third
I try to be indifferent in the fourth corner
Only to observe them all from the above
I see myself transforming from one to another 
Without any guilt or pleasure
I confront myself for reality
Only to be told
Who am I now?
Still the same!
All of us, say to all of them 
And still
Not to be trusted

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