Saturday, June 25, 2016

An unfinished dream

Yet again,
I find myself,
In the middles of an unfinished dream,
Where, I am chasing the future,
While the present is slipping away from my hands,
Yet again,
I find myself,
Looking for thyself, from my own eyes,
Missing the surroundings completely,
Passion, desire, ambition are calling me,
While love and virtue calms me down,
In the conflict of now and then,
I am splitting into known and the unknown,
Yet again,
I am struggling 
with myself,
I am confining myself to the limitations of my thoughts,
While my desire is disappearing into the unknown,
Yet again,
I am lost,
To be found, and lost again,
While, I remain loyal to my desire,
I pursue happiness of a new kind,
Creating a bridge between now and then,
I am asked to chose between here and there, 
Yet again,
Looking into the future,
The old smiles at the new,
Calling me an obsessive compulsive,
Flirting with the new,
I kindle my emotions for a mute passion, with a blind faith,
Yet again,
With a closed mind,
I wake up,
From my unfinished dream,
With a desire to sleep and dream again,
Of a different time, 
Of a different place,
With happiness around me,
Where compassion surrounds me,
Yet again,
I dream again!

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