Monday, July 11, 2016

I fall in and out of love with you again and again

With each passing day,
When I miss you,
When I need you,
When you look at me,
And ask me to close my eyes,
And whisper in my ears,
Softness of your voice 
Touches my soul, and,
I fall in love with you,
And when I go away
You don't care how I miss you,
How I suffer from the lows in my life,
You remain indifferent to my sufferings,
You don't call my name, 
You leave my dreams alone,
And I miss you again and again,
I fall out of love with you,
And when I see you,
The vulnerable side of yours,
That you hide from everyone,
In the middle of the night,
When you call my name, 
Curled up against me,
You tell me,
Not to go again,
How your heart can not afford to miss me again,
You say that so seldom,
You hide what so often,
And I fall in love with you again,
How we repeat this,
Every time, 
We are together or apart,
How we cheat and lie,
How we proudly say to each other,
You don't matter,
I can take care of myself,
With or without you,
I fall in and out of love with you, 
Again and again

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