Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Song of Sorrows

One by one,
Shedding tears in despair,
My smile getting stiff,
With no expressions of now and then,
I become rigged to what I see and hear,
Looking for someone to be blamed,
In and outside of my thoughts,
I close my eyes,
Shutting out my inspirations, 
Humming a song of sorrows,
Hanging on to hope, 
I wishper a story of tomorrow 
To myself, 
Reassuring a believe in,
What I can't see or hear,
A voice buried deep inside me,
Shouts at me,
Stop deceiving!
You are not leaving, 
You are not leaving, 
I open my eyes, 
Silencing the voices,
I see teardrops on the pillow,
I see raindrops on the window
Smiling on the similarity, 
Humming the song of sorrows,
I am hanging on.....

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